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Help! Can you help me find missing classmates?

Hello, fellow Cougars and Cougarettes! Please take some time to attend to the important things in life, like reconnecting with old friends! Buy your reunion tickets ASAP and start making your travel plans. You've got five months and three weeks as of right now to get your stuff together. DO NOT DELAY! Also, please please PLEASE contact your HHS friends, via facebook, email, twitter, carrier pigeon, pony express- whatever - and tell them about the reunion. Give them the link to this website and encourage them to attend. Reunions are SO MUCH FUN! No one else can relate to what it was like growing up in Hawthorne like your old classmates can. If you have contact information for someone but can't get hold of them or can't get them to commit please email their contact information to me and I'll try calling them. My email is in my profile. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in August- we're gonna have a hootin' and hollerin' good time!

Sharon Bierman
In Memory

Hi All, I have the sad task of finding out who among us has passed. Look on the In Memory page for a current list. If there is someone you know of who is not included on that list, please let me know at There will be a memorial for deceased classmates at the reunion. Hope to see you there! And many thanks, Laura Geele Wang

Laura Geele
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